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01. Insight

The first pillar of Emotional Intelligence Skills is Self Awareness. It is difficult to identify the needs in your business without being aware of your own patterns, habits, wounds, and wellbeing. 

You are the heartbeat of your business. The best version of you is imperative for the longevity of your business. 

Fill your cup as the CEO by gaining insight in the following areas.

- Mindset blockages

- Personal patterns leading to overwhelm or stuck-ness

- Emotional wellness planning


Our wellness coaching bundles are designed to accelerate your wellness tools and strategies by targeting your current emotional dilemmas that are leaving you stuck.

Service 1
02. Break Through

Being aware doesn’t mean you are equipped to make a change. This bundle moves you from being aware of the mindsets, habits, and emotional wounds, and assists with a plan of action. This breakthrough will guide you toward self- management and relationship management skills leaving you emotionally stronger than when you started.

This breakthrough will allow you to confidently dominate your industry by exploring these topics:

  • Cultivate safe spaces

  • Learn mindfulness tools

  • Explore emotional health

  • Gain social awareness skills

  • Reconstruct personal habits

  • Decrease entrepreneurial stress

Service 2
03. Transformation

Assessing the following four primary areas of your life are important when addressing wellness as an entrepreneur. Self-Assessment is a make-or-break commitment for your business. To be an effective leader you must establish personal safety, mindfulness skills, perspective shifts, and positive engagements as a person in leadership.

Your role and responsibility to cultivate a sustainable team environment is banking on how well you take care of yourself, and large your company’s impact will be.

This bundle takes the self-awareness you have gained, the enhanced emotional strength, and connects that to your leadership capabilities.


  • Exploring these topics will lead to life transformation.

  • Leadership qualities

  •  Strategies to overcome limiting beliefs

  • Decision making skills

  • Personal relationship satisfaction

  • Conflict Management

  • Increase self-compassion

  • Social awareness skills

  • Operating in Authenticity

  •  Emotional strength


Service 3

Disclaimer: The emotional health bundles are different than the Wellness Hype Program as they do not operate within the HYPE framework, nor are they paired with downloadable workbooks. Each session is a 1:1 collaborative coaching experience that address specific topics. If you are a previous client of mine, single sessions can be used as retainers. Use theretainer code inside of your email! (Wellness Hype Clients ONLY)



I just got out of my 1-1 check in call with Ariane Camille and it was EVERYTHING!!


I love how relatable and down to earth she is. As a entrepreneur and a leader I have difficulty with feeling comfortable enough to talk about the not so great moments of entrepreneurship. However, that wasn’t the case with Ariana at all. 

I love how she pointed out some blind spots I had when it came to balance and finding it but also took a moment to congratulate me on the parts where I was doing well in. 


You are doing yourself a disservice by not booking a session with her. What could it hurt?



Hey Hey! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week thus far! 


I had a 1:1 check-in with Ariane last Wednesday and finally have a moment to share how much of a blessing that conversation was for me. I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I got on the call but within the first few minutes I felt extremely comfortable. Ariane shared her expertise and insights as a business owner and helped me navigate my imposter syndrome as a new business owner who recently went full time in my business. She also spoke in a way that made so much sense to me (I love a good analogy), and she helped me understand concepts that coaches have tried to share before but I couldn’t grasp. Ariane made it make sense! I’ve been processing the information over the last week and incorporating the strategies she gave me daily and have noticed a positive impact on my mood and my energy as well as my excitement for my business.  


If you haven’t booked a check-in call yet, I highly recommend it!

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