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“The small group reminded me that we're all experiencing life and to work together when the stakes can be very high.  So never feel like an imposter or that we're alone because we're not.”

-Employee Review


In today's fast-paced and demanding work environment, prioritizing the well-being of your employees is crucial to ensure productivity, job satisfaction, and overall success.

Here's why CEO's are opting in:

Changing the Data

90 % of Fortune 500 Companies Offer EAP to their employees and only 9% of small businesses provide emotional and mental service options.


Healthier Employees

Encouraging your team to prioritize their mental and emotional well-being leads to enhanced emotional intelligence and communication skills, reduced burnout, increased work-life balance, improved focus, stress management, and overall productivity.


Demonstrate Leadership

In today's competitive job market, potential employees are looking for companies that prioritize their well-being. Position your company to attract top talent. 


Strengthen Innovation

Healthy employees with opportunities for personal development are more likely to bring fresh ideas, creativity, and innovation to solve complex problems. 


Services Offered
Lunch & Learn

Our Lunch & Learn sessions are designed to bring the benefits of personal and professional growth directly to your team, right in the heart of your working day. By dedicating just a fraction of your lunch break to these sessions, your team can unlock a wealth of advantages that will not only boost their well-being but also contribute to your organization's overall success.


Popular Topics:

  • Experiences of Overwhelm

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Procrastination

  • Work Stress

  • Coping Skills 

 Learn A New Skill Collectively
Service 1
Quarterly Meetings

Make an enduring commitment to your team's well-being and development by creating a safe, ongoing space for personal and professional growth. Your team will develop the skills and resilience needed to address personal issues effectively, ultimately resulting in a healthier, happier, and more productive team member. 

Here's how these meetings can delve deeper into the direct pain points of your team members: 

  • In-depth Workshops

  • Customized Solutions

  • Peer Support

  • Goal Setting

  • Morale-Boosting Strategies

  • Cultivating a Resilient Culture

  • Data-Driven Progress

Maintain Wellness Strategy
Service 2
Private Check-Ins

As the leader of your organization, you hold the power to shape the work environment, cultivate a culture of success, and unlock the full potential of your team. Offering private one-on-one sessions with an emotional wellness coach is a compelling and strategic move. In today's competitive job market, job seekers often consider well-being initiatives as a key factor in their retention and choice of a job. There are overall company benefits when your business operates with mentally and emotionally healthy team members. 


Here's a few:

  • Healthy employees with opportunities for personal development are more likely to bring fresh ideas, creativity, and innovation to solve complex problems. 

  • Set a standard of ethical expectations for employers to ensure the well-being and safety of their employees.

  • Create a positive atmosphere where employees are more likely to support and uplift each other.

  • Companies known for valuing their employees' personal development and health often have a positive brand image. 


Address Personal Obstacles
Service 3

Disclaimer: Although these services are provided by mental health professionals,  this experience should not be a substitution or replacement for services provided by the intimate experience of psychotherapy. Our staff will continue to recommend and/or refer individuals for therapeutic services. 

Toronto, Ontario

During this experience, I either learned or was reminded of...

"I was reminded of the fact I'm not alone in how I feel/my feelings aren't abnormal in relation to work at times."

New York, New York

My biggest takeaway from the small group was...

"That I need to expand my vocabulary in terms of emotions. That I should check in with folks more."

Paris, France

What did you like about the Exchange EAP experience? 

"How we felt safe enough to open up and speak of personal experiences, fears, pains, and struggles so openly. Vulnerability."
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