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i''m Ariane 


8-Week 1:1 Coaching Experience for Entreprenuers

That helps you build and develop emotional strength necessary to secure wealth.


Stress, overwhelm and anxiety are inevitable in any creative business. But many struggle to overcome them – it's a stubborn cycle that can leave you feeling stuck and not knowing what to do.

Your First Step To

Building Wealth is....


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Never taking breaks long enough to feel rejuvenated aka on the verge of burnout.

Silently suffering because you don't want to complain or seem ungrateful for your achievements.

Sharing your issues in business with your friends who don't own businesses.

Believing that your level of stress is normal to entrepreneurship.

I discovered that my mind is a tool, my emotions are a guide, and if I seek clarity, I can seek confidence. Through therapeutic practices and emotional wellness strategies I learned that it is necessary to find safety, yield, challenge perspectives, and engage. 

Image by nine koepfer

here's what I realized...


Your business has the potential to grow and create consistent revenue resulting in wealth but first there are some things you must learn and re-learn when it comes to your emotional well being which leads to you betting on yourself to reach your goals. 

As an entrepreneur, most times your past experiences, anxiety of things not working out and lack of support during your journey is what shapes your limited beliefs and imposter syndrome blocking you from feeling qualified in your area of expertise causing you to show up less.

It's now time to develop new ways to manage stress, increase emotional strength, improve relationships and decrease procrastination so you can show up in your business as your BEST SELF. 

It's very possible to thrive in your business WITHOUT the entrepreneurial stress and anxiety, but to do so, you need a system that you can follow to make it easier to implement.

The Wellness

Through an 8 week commitment clients experience a teaching/coaching model that is specifically tailored to your emotional wellness needs as an entrepreneur. During this experience you will learn to implement the four principles of being an emotionally well entrepreneur.
Creating a Haven

Pilar 1: "Safety Starts with Me"


Week 1: The State of Safety

Week 2: Identify My Joy & Interests

Practicing to Yield

Pilar 2: "Yield in my Steps"

Week 3: Pressure, Urgency, & Consistency


Week 4: Self talk & Affirmations


Pilar 3: "Power of Perspective

Week 5: Thoughts gathering


Week 6: Applying Haven + Yield Perspective

Power Of Perspective

Pilar 4: "Yield in my Steps"

Week 7: Remembering my Why


Week 8: Putting everything together

Engaging Connections

8 - 60 minute 1:1 sessions (combination of teaching with a lecture + dialogue > the slides allow us to stay on track and be mindful of the time to maximize impact)

8 downloadable work sheets (paired with each lesson)

Each week will be presented with a teaching module for the purpose of note taking & visual learning.

Support: Hype Wellness Facebook Community + Friday voice note messages to touch basis 

Investment: $1500+ (Payment Plans Available) 

I'm Ariane


In the past I was easily overwhelmed, I was flooded with self doubt, and found myself questioning my path. I would hesitate to speak with others in my community because I wasn’t confident in announcing that I was an expert. I was nervous to introduce myself as a therapist. I felt inadequate to call myself a business owner because I didn’t reach the revenue goals I was working towards. 

I was so stuck in shame that I wasn’t building the network that I needed to be successful. I was constantly critiquing everything I did and never celebrating my wins. I had zero confidence in my abilities.  

In 2020, during the pandemic I provided immediate mental health services to employees of the National Park Services of California, Georgia School Boards, Children’s HealthCare of Atlanta, & more. This devastating time for the world was heavy for every caller and for myself. As I navigated the grief of a best girl friend, and carried the grief of my callers, I had no choice but to change my thinking. If I were going to survive, I had to do something different. During this time I developed the practice of yoga and meditation into my work day. Instead of taking lunch breaks I would practice yoga then eat at my desk in between calls. 

That same year I also became a therapist entrepreneur. Teaching others how to manage your emotions across the nation and in private practice challenged me to regulate my own more than ever. I learned to give myself grace, create space, lean on to others for guidance, and truly engage with myself. 

After 3 years of teaching women in therapy how to regulate your emotions I’ve noticed there are 4 common mistakes most entrepreneurs are making that’s holding you all back. 





I just got out of my 1-1 check in call with Ariane Camille and it was EVERYTHING!!


I love how relatable and down to earth she is. As a entrepreneur and a leader I have difficulty with feeling comfortable enough to talk about the not so great moments of entrepreneurship. However, that wasn’t the case with Ariana at all. 

I love how she pointed out some blind spots I had when it came to balance and finding it but also took a moment to congratulate me on the parts where I was doing well in. 


You are doing yourself a disservice by not booking a session with her. What could it hurt?



Hey Hey! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week thus far! 


I had a 1:1 check-in with Ariane last Wednesday and finally have a moment to share how much of a blessing that conversation was for me. I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I got on the call but within the first few minutes I felt extremely comfortable. Ariane shared her expertise and insights as a business owner and helped me navigate my imposter syndrome as a new business owner who recently went full time in my business. She also spoke in a way that made so much sense to me (I love a good analogy), and she helped me understand concepts that coaches have tried to share before but I couldn’t grasp. Ariane made it make sense! I’ve been processing the information over the last week and incorporating the strategies she gave me daily and have noticed a positive impact on my mood and my energy as well as my excitement for my business.  


If you haven’t booked a check-in call yet, I highly recommend it!

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